Umbria Last Names

Containing only two provinces (states), the Umbria region is amongst the smallest in Italy and the only one that has neither a coastline nor a common border with another country. Despite this, the typical Umbrian last name such as Alunni, Pannacci, Roscini and Gubbiotti are not very popular at the expense of those typical in central Italy.

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Infact, the most common last names in Umbria are those deriving from first names such as Petrino, Costantino, Benedetto, Mariotto, Sabatini, Angelo, Tommaso, Brunetto and Donato and names that have been varied by a suffix such as -elli, -etti, -ini and - elli such as : Domenico with Domenici and Menichetti, Antonio with Antonini and Antonelli, Francesco with Ceccarelli and Cecchini, and Bonaventura with Ventura and Venturini.

Amongst the last names deriving from nicknames, we have Mezzasoma (deriving from soma, an antique unit of measurement for liquids, which in this case means "man of little means"), Toccaceli, Ciancaleoni ("lion's paw" to indicate a man with strong arms), Ricci ("curly"), Mancini ("left-handed"), Conti ("counts"), Rosato, Barbarossa ("red beard"), Capotosti ("hardhead"), Bevilacqua ("who drinks water") and Bracalenti.

The most common last name for the orphans in the province of Terni is Proietti, whilst in the Perugia area it is Alunni, also used for children raised by nannies.

Lastly we note a poor presence of the following names of German origin, even though there was a long Lombard domination: Bernardini, Nardi, Leonardi, Baldoni, Federici and Baldelli.

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