Tuscany Last Names

The most common last names in Tuscany, unlike the examples from Emilia Romagna, are not those associated to crafts, origins or physical appearance, but to first names such as Paoli, Pieri and Salvadori.

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But the main characteristic of this category is the shortness of the last name (as little as 2 syllables) obtained by cutting short the first name: Landi (from Rolando), Baldi (from Ugobaldo), Gori (from Gregorio), Bacci (from Bernardo), Pucci (from Filippo), Neri (from Rainero), Cioni (from Baldiccione or Ugoccione), Pacini (from Buonapace), Berti (from Adalberto), Bini (from Albino or Begnamino), Dini (from Guido, Aldo, Corrado), Vanni, Vannini and Vannucci (from Giovanni), Dati (from Donato), Bonci (from Barone), Betti (from Benedetto), Borsi and Corsi (from Bonaccorso), Benni (from Bencivenni).

First place for surnames given to abandoned children is Lucchesi, followed by Innocenti, Nocenti, Nocentini and Degl'Innocenti.

Although less frequent, there are some examples of last names deriving from crafts, noble titles and places of origin: Conti ("counts, earls"), Fabbri ("locksmiths"), Ferrari, Barbieri ("barbers"), Baroni ("barons"), Sarti ("tailors"), Mugnai e Mugnaini, Magnani, Mancini ("left-handed"), Cappelli ("hats") e Cappellini ("little hats"), Grassi ("fat"), Biondi ("blond"), Martelli ("hammers"), Ciampi, Lombardi, Pratesi.

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