Trentino-Alto Adige Last Names

The Trentino-Alto Adige is the most Northern region of Italy, and is a part of Tyrol that was a historical area in the Habsburg empire, thus justifying the significant number of German last names. However there is also a great presence of typically Italian last names, and also names deriving from first names (Tomasi) or professions.

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Amongst the most common last names in Trentino-Alto Adige and typical for the Northern peninsula we have Rossi, Costa, Martini and Benedetti, whilst last names deriving from crafts include Sartori and Ferrari (last name tied to the trade of "blacksmith" from the latin faber ferrarius).

The last names of German origin are easily identified as they mostly end in -er. First by diffusion in the independent county Bolzano is Mair (from Mayer, "village chief"), followed by Pichler and Gasser, whilst on a regional level, the last names Moser, Merz, Piffer and Cosser are widely used.

Another last name notably present in the region is Trentini (from Trento) due to the return to Trento of families emigrated elsewhere, maintaining the nickname given to them in other parts of Italy.

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