UK: Elsa, into the top 100 most popular names list

The popularity of Disney's latest animation, "Frozen", hasn't just resonated on the big screen, but has done so in a host of other ways as well.

The most recent craze that's swept across the UK is where naming new born babies is concerned. There's been a reported boom in the number of families calling their daughters Elsa, after the CG animation's Queen on Arendelle, with the name breaking into the top 100 at number 88.

Previously, Elsa was a fairly uncommon name, but since the Disney musical took over the world, there seem to be more and more parents calling their girls after the character voiced by Idina Menzel.

Elsa, the Snow Queen, Frozen

Experts say it has made its way into the top 100 most popular names list by children pestering their parents to name their new sister after the Snow Queen, and it appears they've given in to the pressure. Either that or parents themselves are big admirers of the movie - in truth; it may be a bit of both.

Perhaps parents have opted for the name based on the likeable character they see in the film, or simply because it's actually a rather nice name. Either way, it seems that these Disney characters have invaded all sorts of areas you wouldn't even think of. Only recently, the Norway tourist board revealed a surge in visitors to the country that the film's landscapes are modelled on. The movie soundtrack has dominated the charts for months, while merchandise, viral videos and general obsessive behaviour has revolved around the Oscar-winning film.

But 'Frozen's' not completely taken over in all aspects just yet: there's been no rise in parents calling their new sons Olaf, so perhaps we're safe after all.

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