Meaning of Giacomo

Meaning of Giacomo
The etymology of this name is almost unknown, and is the same one of the name Giacobbe which derives from the Greek Iakobos and from the Latin Iacōbus with the probable meaning of “God has offered protection”. In the Genesis it is the name of the son of Isacco and Rebecca, born in a twin delivery after the brother Esaù, and generally it is interpreted like deriving from aqebh “heel” (because Giacobbe was born tightening with his hand the heel of the brother) or also from aqab “supplanting” (because he was born before Esau). Most likely it derives from the aramaic Jaakob which means "follower of God". The Hebrew use the form Giacobbe.
Name Day
July 25: Saint James the Greater - Apostle
In Italy about 142323 people are called Giacomo
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en Jacob

de Jakob

fr Jacques

es Santiago

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