Lazio Last Names

The most common last names in the Lazio area reflect the general trend as in the whole of Italy: 93 of the 100 most common last names in Lazio are also those in the top 500 at a national level.

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We can find last names that are amongst those most used in Central Italy, but also in the North and South, and also typical family names found in Central-Northern Italy such as Rossi, Ferrari, Bianchi, Galli, Leoni but also names imported to the capital due to internal immigration from the South (Esposito, Russo, Romano, De Luca, Conte, Santoro, Marino, etc) or even from the Venice area following a reclamation of the marshes in the Lazio area in the fascist period (Marangon, Peruzzo, Nardin, Mancin, Baretta and Salvador, which are all typical last names from the Venice area).

To list a few of the typical last names in the Lazio area, we have Proietti (a last name refering to orphans), followed by Felici, Bonanni and Fabrizi.

From an etymological point of view, a lot of the last names present in Rome and Lazio originate from first names, such as Angelo, Antonio, Rinaldo, Paolo, Francesco, Bartolomeo and Nicola that have been the base for various last names (such as Angelucci, Antonucci, Rinaldi, Paolucci, Ceccarelli, Tomei and Colasanti).

Surnames that derive from professions, places of origin, or nicknames are less present than in other regions: in the provinces the most popular are surnames deriving from nicknames such as Calicchia, Scaccia, Bracaglia, Campagiorni, Mangiapelo ("who eats fur"), Quattrociocchi, Fusacchia, Burla ("joke") and Pallucca.

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