Friuli Venezia Giulia Last Names

Especially popular in the Friuli-Venezia Giulia area is the last name Feruglio originating from Udine and Vascotto originating from Trieste. There is a clear distinction of the region in two parts (Friuli and Venezia Giulia) developed over the years for cultural, storical and productive reasons.
Amongst the most common last names in Friuli are Santarossa, Mattiussi, Cargnelutti, Tolosino, Moras, Copetti, Ermacora, Tomat, Cantarutti, Petris, Turchet, Del Ben, Londero, Dri.

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Typically Friulian last names are not so common because of various reasons, but largely due to a vast amount of migration (due to various war events, territorial changes and the earthquake of 1976). Therefore, in the area, we can find last names originating from the South of Italy such as Russo, Romano, De Luca and others originating from the name of a county such as Visintin (from Vicenza), Furlan (from Friuli), Trevisan (from Treviso), Bressan (from Brescia), Carghelutti (from Carnia), Pavan (from Padova).

As is common in other parts of Italy, there are many last names deriving from first names such as Martin, Mauro, Franco, Zanin (from the name Gianni), Zuliani, Beltrame, Venier, Benedetti, D'Andrea; from nicknames Rizzi, Rossi ("red"), Moro ("brunette") Corazza, Basso ("short"), Bevilacqua ("who drinks water"), Degrassi and those tied to the traditional local dialect Zambon, Fantin, Salvador, Marson, Culot, Piccinin, Turchet, Pitton.

However, much less common are those last names deriving from professions, some are Fabris, Degano, Del Fabbro ("blacksmith"), Calligaris (from italian calzolaio "shoe repairer").

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