Germany: baby named WikiLeaks

A couple in Bavaria (Germany) were told that they could not name their baby "WikiLeaks".

According to a video report by GeoBeats, registry officials decided that naming the child "WikiLeaks" could potentially put the child in danger because of the controversy surrounding the website by the same name.

The 28-year-old father of the child said that the name is really important to him. "This is not only a simple name for me—it had big meaning. WikiLeaks has changed the world," he said. "For my family, the name is a synonym with transparent truth," he added, saying that his daughter's name "Diya" means "Light of Truth."

WikiLeaks: name banned

The couple wasn't happy to learn that they would need to change their son's name. The couple ended up going with the name "Dako" but say that they will still refer to their son as "WikiLeaks" when they are at home.

While rarely placed into effect, some countries have a list of names that are banned. In Germany, there isn't such a list but debatable names are looked at on a case-by-case basis.

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