Meaning of Lara

Meaning of Lara
The name has two possible origins: the first one from the Russian name Larissa (derived from the name of the ancient city of Larissa in Tessaglia, Greece) and the second one as a variation of the name Laura (there are two hypotheses on the origin of this name: first, that it drifts from the Latin laurus which means “laurel”. The ancient romans considered the laurel a sacred plant to Apollo and symbol of wisdom and glory; second, that it drifts from the celtic Laur with the meaning of “satisfactory, sufficient”). Lara is a nymph of Latin mythology ancestor of the Lari, spirits of the dead, protecting the family and the house.
Name Day
October 19: Saint Laura of Cordoba - Abbess and martyr
In Italy about 12106 people are called Lara
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