Meaning of Elisabetta

Meaning of Elisabetta
The name derives from the Hebrew Elisheba, composed from El, God, and scheba, seven, the number of the perfection; it means therefore “God is perfection” or “God is oath”. Other interpretations exist moreover: in fact for some it would be composed from El and shabat, that is saturday. The saturday was and still is for the Hebrew the day of the rest and the prayer, therefore the name could mean also “my God is rest”. Name very common among the Christian communities since the firsts centuries of the cult of St. Elisabetta, wife of Zaccaria and mother of Giovanni Batiste. The original Hebrew name, Elisheba, is the name of the wife of Aroon. Elisheba was then translated in the Greek Elisàbet and in the Latin Elìsabet. The great spread of this name is due to the various Queens of England, empresses of Russia, Austria and Germany. In the Iberian peninsula the Latin Elisabet was instead transformed in Elisabel and in Isabel, then translate in the Italian Isabella .
Name Day
July 4: Saint Elizabeth of Portugal - Queen
In Italy about 157886 people are called Elisabetta
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